What if the body you're in

- and the specific sensations of being you -

felt like home? 


welcome to




a digital course & community


This is your invitation 

to find belonging right here in your body

- today -

no matter what the circumstances, 

through the medicine

of movement. 



This is your Permission slip 

to dance like

the wild woman you are

in your living room and beyond. 

In your underwear

- or none at all.



very serious disclaimer

You do not have to be a fancy dancer.


In This Body is not about choreography. Or looking good for someone else or moving in some way because you think you "should".  In This Body is about finding home and truth inside of you through movement. You will be guided in tending to your body - and all of its longings and questions and joys and hurts - inside an intimate community that's safe and warm. 


THe gist


In This Body is a week-long journey (read: dance party) in coming back home to yourself through the medicine of movement. 

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Abbi Abrams just casually defining the art of living room dancing



Here's what you'll get 


7 simple and powerful assignments straight to your inbox

Each morning you'll receive an email from me with your move-shake-dance-be-in-your-body assignment. I explain the assignment and then share my practice with you via video, so that you can tune in on the deepest level. 

2 live coaching calls

We'll connect live once at the beginning of the week to set our Intentions together for the week. At the close of our time together we'll have another call to Integrate what we've learned, where we've been and what we're taking with us moving forward (and shedding!).  

 a spot in our private digital community

I’ve designed this course so you can take it in the privacy of your own experience if you prefer. Our private Facebook community is a juicy bonus I encourage you to be a part of if you wish in between coaching calls. It's a place where you can share the questions you're holding, what you're uncovering, your movement practice and celebrate and be celebrated by like-minded women choosing to be in their bodies like you!

a virtual care package from me to you

Upon registering for In This Body you'll receive a virtual care package welcoming you. It's full of my favourite resources on embodiment to get you inspired, excited and ready for the course. 



Join us

In This Body is a week-long journey (read: dance party) in coming back home to yourself through the medicine of movement.



stay tuned

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There are a lot of things that take us out of our bodies.

Injury. Illness. Trauma. Childhood stuff. 


As much as In This Body is about accessing pleasure and #happydancing in your living room, it is also about meeting what is painful. It is your invitation into getting inside of what hurts, so that you can see what wants to rise to the surface and move through you. It is saying a big YES to being the goddess of your grief. 


Hey, soul sibling


I'm Madeline. 


I have been homesick for my own bones at the same time that they've ached with the precise heaviness of not feeling like home at all.  And I have learned that this is the opening.  My mission is to arouse in you the woman that has space for your gnarliest grief and your most ecstatic pleasure and everything in between - to open you back up to belonging to yourself again. 

Let's do this dance together.



Stay tuned. 

In This Body will be offered again! Sign up below to stay up-to-date. 


In case you were wondering


click the plus signs to get the As to your Qs!

Are we really dancing naked?

Yes and no. On a physical level, whether or not you bare your bum is totally up to you. If you've got access to a private space and that feels good to you - why not! Most importantly, this course is all about peeling back the layers that stand in the way of you truly and authentically being in your body. In an energetic sense, we are absolutely getting naked here.

I have a physical limitation and I'm worried I won't be able to keep up. Does it make sense for me to participate in this?

The movement assignments in this course are never prescriptive. Instead they are designed to support you in tuning into the way your body wants to move - and making room for that.

If you are experiencing illness, injury, discomfort or pain of any kind - I'm so sorry you're hurting. Believe me when I say: In This Body is especially for you. The tendency when we experience pain and discomfort is to dissociate from our bodies, to try to escape and to make it all stop. That running away from where we are causes even more suffering. This course will teach you how to stay with what hurts in order to move through it. This takes courage, and if you're here reading this now, I know this courage is not only within you, but also that is is much, much bigger than your pain.

I want to take this class but don't feel comfortable sharing my movement practice with others. Is this still for me?

Yes! Our digital community is an extension of this course, and I encourage you to be a part of it in the way that feels most true to you. For some that may be filming and sharing their own movement practice and for others it may not. You can participate in our community in equally valuable ways - like sharing your experience through the written word or simply being a witness to others.

Do I need any materials for the course?

The most important thing you'll need is your open, willing heart and a dedication to setting aside 30 minutes each day for reviewing the assignment and your movement practice. In addition to that I also recommend getting access to a speaker (a simple Bluetooth one will do!) and a physical space that feels safe and warm and like you wanna be there (think: your living room, a cozy corner or your bedroom or a studio at your gym that you can sneak into).

Are there refunds?

Because of the digital instant-access nature of this course, refunds are not available. I think you'll really dig this though.



also can we hang out sometime? 

LEt's be instagram buds

Photography by Casey Krieger